Daily rewards and giveaway to boost retention for tactical shooters

Increase retention by motivating paid users to return to the game. Reward the highest score with an exclusive physical reward.


To stimulate daily participation of paid users and drive the game's retention. This tactic is aimed for mid-core games, with a strong base of paid users.

Use case

The screenshot below is for tactical shooter game, Tacticool.  The Game Developer adds a PlayStation giveaway for the player who demonstrates high skills playing the game playing and consistent participation over time. The giveaway does not involve random chance.

The game rewards the best player for winning a tournament after participating in the game for 14 consecutive days. The Game Developer needs to create an information section in game to inform players of the participation rules and to explain the skill-based requirements that determine how how to win the game.

In this use case the Game Developer manages giveaway process. From a technical perspective, it means calling the Monetizr reward view through the plugin for the right player at the right time. Once requested, the Monetizr platform provides a reward view screen for the player. It contains customized picture, text and Call To Action button. The player can then claim the reward, provide shipping details and the reward will be delivered to the player.  Monetizr handles everything associated with the delivery process and customer support.


Implementation guide

To test how this tactic might look and function in your game follow these steps:

  1. Visit the docs page for technical reference;
  2. Select and install plugins that are appropriate for your game;
  3. Note that Apple Pay or Google Pay integration requires additional steps. You can skip this step and continue without these payment systems. You can add them later.
  4. Use the public test token for access:
  5. Depending on the selected plugin, use similar steps to view Monetizr Reward view inside your game.
    1. iOS steps - import Monetizr into your game project and use this:

      Monetizr.shared.getProductForTag(tag: Win Playstation, presenter: UIViewController?, presentationStyle: UIModalPresentationStyle?) { success, error, product in ()}


    2. Android steps - show reward view:
      MonetizrSdk.showProductForTag("Win Playstation")
    3. Unity steps - show reward view:
      MonetizrClient.Instance.ShowProductForTag("Win Playstation");
  6. In your game, prepare 2 separate in-app events - Incentive and Reward View Call. The incentive should be used to display text and picture to the player informing that a PlayStation give-away will happen. You can use the example text below:


    Complete 14 Day Challenge and participate in giveaway tournament! 
    All players who complete this challenge will be eligible to participate in
    the tournament. Each member of team that wins the final tournament match will
    get a free PlayStation 4!
    Create a second in-app event with similar text and picture parameters plus option (call to action button) for the player to launch the reward view. You can use example texts below:
    Congratulations! You and your team each get a free PlayStation 4.
    Claim prize
    Here's a Play Station picture file you can use: Monetizr's Google Drive
  7. Now you should have everything you need to test how this tactic might look in your game.

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