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Design meta-experience

Have you ever seen an un-boxing video where the package contains a nice little surprise? That is what we at Monetizr understand as meta-experience. Little touches to products or their packaging adds to the overall enjoyment of receiving and using a product. We encourage all game developers who are using or considering Monetizr to create meta-experiences for their players.

How to create meta-experience?

There are three main ways of how you can design these experiences. They are:

  1. Unexpected product details - add subtle things to the products themselves. Make a custom label inside a T-Shirt with player's game name or title;
  2. Easter egg in product packaging - add a note inside the package with an vague answer to an in-game secret or tease the player about upcoming expansion. Even single picture of artwork from your game can be a meta-experience;
  3. Unlock vanity item in game - how about adding a digital version of the same item the player receives in real life? Or a hint to secret in-game level?

Out of the three things Monetizr can handle additional product details and packaging. Doing anything in game is up to you but we can help in any way we can. For example - designers at Monetizr can help you with professional artwork for posters. Contact us to get ideas going.