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Earning money from sales

Game developers can earn money from each sale made through Monetizr.

Monetizr platform allows to sell items from within game's UI. On each transaction game developer can gain additional revenue by adding their preferred margin on top of item's production costs and Monetizr fee. Example below describes how calculations are made.


A player buys a poster for $10. Production costs are $4 and Monetizr fee is $1. For game developer revenue would consist of sale amount minus production costs and minus Monetizr fee. 

  • Sale Amount = Production costs + Game Developer share + Monetizr Fee
  • Game Developer share = Sale Amount - Production costs - Monetizr Fee
In this case Game Developer would earn $5 from each poster sold ($10 - $4 - $1 = $5).


Before Game Developer can earn additional revenue from item sales they must provide company details as well as bank details for money transfer. You can provide these details at app.themonetizr.com.