How it works

Monetizr offers reward management console, order fulfillment service as well as creative designs of rewards.


Monetizr Console is a place where game developers can log in and manage their rewards that get displayed through plugins or API. Here's how you can use it.

Step 1. To start using Console you need to create Monetizr account. With that you can access the platform and find the plugin that is appropriate for your game. There you can select products from our catalog and customize them. Or your come up with your own ideas for products. Let us know and we'll add those to your personalized product list.

Step 2. You can also use Console for free to test how Monetizr would look inside your game. If you wish to customize the look and feel of Monetizr then check out our REST API and contact our developer support team.

Step 3. If test results are successful and you decide to implement Monetizr into live game then you need to decide on pricing tier.

Step 4. Before launching it in a live game you need to sign an Agreement and provide company details.

If all the things above are done you can launch Monetizr in your game.

Order fulfillment services

Monetizr order fulfillment services is a set of tasks that we do so you don't have to. You can see list of services here. 

In short - Monetizr takes care of all the things required for you to have customized physical rewards. That includes:

  • vetting of high quality material print items;
  • player order processing and shipping logistics;
  • payment processing and order refund handling;
  • white labeled player support channels (e-mails sent from your domain).

Creative services

In addition to order fulfillment Monetizr offers creative services. They are aimed to help busy game developers to come up with product designs and player meta-experiences. What are meta experiences? Those are your player experiences outside of game. Think of easter eggs hidden in rewards or their packaging.

Product designs are just that - customized designs that get printed on your rewards. Our designers can provide you colorful (or bleak if that's what you want) ideas of how your products might look. But if you want you can also use our product .PSD template files to design them yourself.

Part of our creative service catalog are implementation scenarios. We call them tactics and you can read more about them here. You can use tactics to have a clear idea of how to put physical rewards in your game to achieve certain goals. They also come together with a to-do checklist to make the whole process clear and simple. Think of them as packages that contain all the things you need to launch as quick as possible.