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List of services

Monetizr provides order fulfillment, transaction processing, shipping management, refund handling.

We cover all the services required to manage full cycle of doing game gear for players.

Item designs

Our designers can create designs from scratch or use game assets and art.  You can also create product designs yourself by employing a product template (.PSD file).

Selling products

With Monetizr you can sell products and earn additional revenue from sales. Learn more in Earning money from sales section.

Giveaway products as rewards

Give something for free to the best players. Whether it be a PVP tournament or seasonal ladder - you can make your players compete for limited set of rewards.

Package customization

Packages that contain the products can be customized.

Order processing

Monetizr processes all orders by acquiring shipping destinations, payment processing and managing order confirmation and status e-mails to the player.

Manufacturer selection

We'll select the optimal manufacturer depending on product and player location. All product makers are vetted and only those with quality and capacity to handle production are selected by Monetizr.

Logistics and shipping

All orders are monitored via shipment tracking codes. If for some reason an order get's lost Monetizr will issue a new order to the player.

Refunds and item returns

Sometimes players order the wrong size or color. Monetizr handles all refund cases and returns payments to players according to local legal requirements.

Player Customer support

Monetizr provides white labeled Player support. We encourage to setup dedicated e-mail address for your game under your domain and let us take care of any incoming question related to Player orders.

Custom code solution

For clients with specific needs we offer custom solutions for the best fit. Contact us to know more.